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Web Design Toolbox

This page is for our team and for clients who design their own web content. Feel free to use it for your own projects.

HTML Colours (Web 216) and Monitor Test Card

These colours display your pages correctly on older systems and simple devices. For best results adjust your display until you can see all colours. Hold your mouse over a colour to get its Hex value (may not work with some browsers).

Colour Converter

Convert colour codes between HEX and RGB values, a useful tool for web designers who may work with one format, but receive client details in the other format.

Hex to RGB

Hex Code Red Green Blue

RGB to Hex

Red Green Blue Hex Code

SVG Test

If you don't see a circle in a square below try a different browser.

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a family of specifications of an XML-based file format for describing two-dimensional vector graphics, both static and dynamic (i.e. interactive or animated). The SVG specification is an open standard under development by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) since 1999.

Character Table

DescriptionCodeEntity NameLegend
quotation mark " " " " Code

character written as numeric HTML entity, in the format:
"how it looks literally" and "what your browser does with it".

Entity Name

character written as symbolic HTML entity, in the format:
"how it looks literally" and "what your browser does with it".

If you see something like:

§ | §

in the last two columns, then your browser doesn't know about the entity name "sect" and just puts it literally.

This table follows the ISO-8859-1 standard.

ampersand & & & &
less-than sign &#60; < &lt; <
greater-than sign &#62; > &gt; >
at sign &#64; @
non-breaking space &#160;   &nbsp;  
inverted exclamation &#161; ¡ &iexcl; ¡
cent sign &#162; ¢ &cent; ¢
euro &euro;
pound sterling &#163; £ &pound; £
general currency sign &#164; ¤ &curren; ¤
yen sign &#165; ¥ &yen; ¥
broken vertical bar &#166; ¦ &brvbar; ¦
&brkbar; &brkbar;
section sign &#167; § &sect; §
umlaut (dieresis) &#168; ¨ &uml; ¨
&die; ¨
copyright &#169; © &copy; ©
feminine ordinal &#170; ª &ordf; ª
left angle quote, guillemotleft&#171; « &laquo; «
not sign &#172; ¬ &not; ¬
soft hyphen &#173; ­ &shy; ­
registered trademark &#174; ® &reg; ®
macron accent &#175; ¯ &macr; ¯
&hibar; &hibar;
degree sign &#176; ° &deg; °
plus or minus &#177; ± &plusmn; ±
superscript two &#178; ² &sup2; ²
superscript three &#179; ³ &sup3; ³
acute accent &#180; ´ &acute; ´
micro sign &#181; µ &micro; µ
paragraph sign &#182; &para;
middle dot &#183; · &middot; ·
cedilla &#184; ¸ &cedil; ¸
superscript one &#185; ¹ &sup1; ¹
masculine ordinal &#186; º &ordm; º
right angle quote, guillemotright&#187; » &raquo; »
fraction one-fourth &#188; ¼ &frac14; ¼
fraction one-half &#189; ½ &frac12; ½
fraction three-fourths &#190; ¾ &frac34; ¾
inverted question mark &#191; ¿ &iquest; ¿
capital A, grave accent &#192; À &Agrave; À
capital A, acute accent &#193; Á &Aacute; Á
capital A, circumflex accent&#194; Â &Acirc; Â
capital A, tilde &#195; Ã &Atilde; Ã
capital A, dieresis or umlaut mark&#196; Ä &Auml; Ä
capital A, ring &#197; Å &Aring; Å
capital AE diphthong (ligature)&#198; Æ &AElig; Æ
capital C, cedilla &#199; Ç &Ccedil; Ç
capital E, grave accent &#200; È &Egrave; È
capital E, acute accent &#201; É &Eacute; É
capital E, circumflex accent&#202; Ê &Ecirc; Ê
capital E, dieresis or umlaut mark&#203; Ë &Euml; Ë
capital I, grave accent &#204; Ì &Igrave; Ì
capital I, acute accent &#205; Í &Iacute; Í
capital I, circumflex accent&#206; Î &Icirc; Î
capital I, dieresis or umlaut mark&#207; Ï &Iuml; Ï
capital Eth, Icelandic &#208; Ð &ETH; Ð
&Dstrok; Đ
capital N, tilde &#209; Ñ &Ntilde; Ñ
capital O, grave accent &#210; Ò &Ograve; Ò
capital O, acute accent &#211; Ó &Oacute; Ó
capital O, circumflex accent&#212; Ô &Ocirc; Ô
capital O, tilde &#213; Õ &Otilde; Õ
capital O, dieresis or umlaut mark&#214; Ö &Ouml; Ö
multiply sign &#215; × &times; ×
capital O, slash &#216; Ø &Oslash; Ø
capital U, grave accent &#217; Ù &Ugrave; Ù
capital U, acute accent &#218; Ú &Uacute; Ú
capital U, circumflex accent&#219; Û &Ucirc; Û
capital U, dieresis or umlaut mark&#220; Ü &Uuml; Ü
capital Y, acute accent &#221; Ý &Yacute; Ý
capital THORN, Icelandic &#222; Þ &THORN; Þ
small sharp s, German (sz ligature) &#223; ß &szlig; ß
small a, grave accent &#224; à &agrave; à
small a, acute accent &#225; á &aacute; á
small a, circumflex accent &#226; â &acirc; â
small a, tilde &#227; ã &atilde; ã
small a, dieresis or umlaut mark &#228; ä &auml; ä
small a, ring &#229; å &aring; å
small ae diphthong (ligature) &#230; æ &aelig; æ
small c, cedilla &#231; ç &ccedil; ç
small e, grave accent &#232; è &egrave; è
small e, acute accent &#233; é &eacute; é
small e, circumflex accent &#234; ê &ecirc; ê
small e, dieresis or umlaut mark &#235; ë &euml; ë
small i, grave accent &#236; ì &igrave; ì
small i, acute accent &#237; í &iacute; í
small i, circumflex accent &#238; î &icirc; î
small i, dieresis or umlaut mark &#239; ï &iuml; ï
small eth, Icelandic &#240; ð &eth; ð
small n, tilde &#241; ñ &ntilde; ñ
small o, grave accent &#242; ò &ograve; ò
small o, acute accent &#243; ó &oacute; ó
small o, circumflex accent &#244; ô &ocirc; ô
small o, tilde &#245; õ &otilde; õ
small o, dieresis or umlaut mark &#246; ö &ouml; ö
division sign &#247; ÷ &divide; ÷
small o, slash &#248; ø &oslash; ø
small u, grave accent &#249; ù &ugrave; ù
small u, acute accent &#250; ú &uacute; ú
small u, circumflex accent &#251; û &ucirc; û
small u, dieresis or umlaut mark &#252; ü &uuml; ü
small y, acute accent &#253; ý &yacute; ý
small thorn, Icelandic &#254; þ &thorn; þ
small y, dieresis or umlaut mark &#255; ÿ &yuml; ÿ
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